About Us

The South Wairarapa Kāhui Ako currently consists of 13 primary schools and one secondary school. We are situated in the heart of the Wairarapa, where viticulture, tourism and farming are the main supporters of the economy. In our initial inquiries, we differentiated between the South Wairarapa and Carterton regions. However, in bringing the information and communities together, the South Wairarapa Kāhui Ako has become a community of one.

Our People

Leadership Team

Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor Across School Leader
Liz Verkleij
Liz Verkleij Across School Leader

Within School Leaders

Petar Grgec
Petar Grgec Within School Leader
Juanita McLellan
Juanita McLellan Within School Leader
Ken Bailey
Ken Bailey Within School Leader
Andrea Harvey
Andrea Harvey Within School Leader
St Teresa's Primary School06 308 9064andrea@teresas.school.nz
Miu Phillips
Miu Phillips Within School Leader
Julie Small
Julie Small Within School Leader
South Featherston Primary06 308 9433julies@sfs.school.nz
Liz Lark
Liz Lark Within School Leader
St Teresa's Primary School06 308 9064liz@teresas.school.nz
Lee Tanner
Lee Tanner Within School Leader
Southend Primary School02102278086lee@southend.school.nz
Corey Kennedy
Corey Kennedy Within School Leader
St Mary's Primary School06 379 7171corey@saintmarys.school.nz
Tracey Jacobson
Tracey Jacobson Within School Leader
St Mary’s Primary School06 379 7171tracey@saintmarys.school.nz
Natalie Orbell
Natalie Orbell Within School Leader
Nat Lagah
Nat Lagah Within School Leader
Rachel Burt
Rachel Burt Within School Leader
Greytown Primary School06-304 9007rburt@greytown.school.nz
Witarina Owens
Witarina Owens Within School Leader