Kuranui Student Inquiry Session 2

We began the session with and introduction discussions about inquiry. The inquiry model we will be using is based on the Gwen Gawith Inquiry Model and the Lane Clark inquiry model. 

Students here:

  • Taizak, Josh, Jayden, Jorga, Hamish, Amon, Kara, Oli

Issue One:

  • Issue one “Reputation Pride Disrespect”
    • Surveys being produced – Students and Staff

Relaxation Room

The student inquiry group ran a relaxation room for seniors, during exam week. The idea was to give students a place to go and relax half an hour before an exam, where they could participate in activities to help them to relax.

Student Inquiry

There are two areas of Inquiry so far, Perception in the Community and Boring Lunchtimes.

The Inquiry

  1. Some key questions that might help you start your inquiry:
    • What is one of the issues in our community and what can we do about it?
    • How does it impact me and/or the community?
    • Who does it involve? What does it look like? Where is it? What causes it?
    • Why does it happen? How does it happen? What is being/or has already been done?
    • What could I do? How can I link this to a digital outcome.

Group 1 – Perception in the Community

  • Teacher Survey – Oli, Amon, Georgia
  • Student Survey –
  • Student Survey (those who are are not students here) – Taizak, Josh

Group 2 – Boring Lunchtimes – Mystery Movie

  • Georgia, Ruby, Kara, Josh, Hamish, Evlyn
  • Run a trial of a Movie Friday. Need to book a time with SF to present ideas about how a P5 reward system will work. 
  • Rubbish will need to be collected by members of Inquiry Group.
  • Kara and Ruby on posters
  • Josh talk to Mr Fuller

Kuranui Student Inquiry

We are finally up and running! Yesterday P4 twelve students came along to the first session with heaps of ideas on how we can improve hauora at Kuranui College. 

The session started with a brainstorm of the pluses and minuses at Kuranui College for students.



The session ended with some Inquiry Question ideas:

Our next step is to put together our inquiry groups and begin the next step.