Hybrid Learning

Chromebook Use

Juanita, Peta and I have been gathering information on chrome book use, as part of phase 1 of developing Hybrid Learning at Kuranui. In the coming weeks the results of the teacher and student survey will be shared.

Hybrid Learning

As a school we are heading towards a Hybrid Learning model. Behind the scenes, Chelsea, William, Juanita, Peta and myself have been working along side Lynne Silcock from Core Education, to develop our Hybrid Learning mode. Last week Team Leaders had 1 to 1 learning conversations with Lynne, these are the recurring themes:

  • Themes:
    • All staff are using Google Classroom
    • The use of GC is variable and there is no systematic school wide expectations of teachers re the contents of GC
    • Most staff are doing daily GC posts so students get a very large number of notifications.
    • In general the learning delivered through GC is quite linear and teacher led
    • GC is not a great platform for non-linear agentic learning – it’s hard to find things and soon gets difficult to manage
    • Most of the teaching and learning allows limited student agency. In particular the pace of learning, tasks and context are delivered daily on GC.
    • Most of the content is available through GC but not in a way that could be picked up by a new or different teacher or reliever or at short notice. E.g. Kuranui Intellectual Property is lost as staff leave

Moving Forward

  • Google Classroom
    • Share practice to develop “best practice” and consistency across the school (e.g. using topics, school wide topics for course info, use of templates and rubrics)
    • Consider how daily notifications for every subject lands for students in terms of wellbeing
      • Gain student voice
      • Consider pros and cons or individual choice re turning off notifications
      • Consider pros and cons of less frequent posts and chunking tasks (giving students more flexibility on a daily or weekly basis rather than staff lead pace)
  • Non linear, agentic learning
    • Develop systems to give students more agency and to allow personalised pathways for learning
    • Develop resource hubs for each course/subject to enable personalised pathways and student agency plus capture Kuranui IP

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