Kuranui Update T2W7

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks. To read what has been happening around the Kahui Ako, click here to see the panui. 

Te Tiriti O Waitangi training

The whole staff attended the Te Tiriti O Waitangi training last Friday the 4th of June 2021. Copies of the posters can be downloaded here.

Poutama Pounamu Shadow Coaching 

Tuesday 15th June we are meeting to reflect on shadow coaching. The data  you have gained through participating in observations can be used when developing your professional growth cycle plans with your Professional Leader. Click here to find out more about Poutama Pounamu

Professional Growth Cycle

PPTA, in consultation with the Secondary Principals Association and Teachers has prepared some useful resources on the new Professional Growth Cycle.  The approach is not about providing evidence to prove that you have met the standards, rather it is a high trust model where the gathering of significant amounts of evidence is a thing of the past. Inquiry, which featured largely in the old system is no longer required. 

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