Looking towards 2021

What a year 2020 was. After a challenging year in many different ways we have all still managed to keep the learning and achievement of our students at the centre of what we do through inquiry, and sought to continuously improve their outcomes.

This year we have all used 6 principles of Poutama Pounamu as a lens to focus our inquiry where it matters.

Next year we look forward to a much brighter year as we focus on our three key areas of:

      • hauora
      • learner agency
      • culturally responsive pedagogy

Here is the plan for term 1.

Week Date Activity
0 Start Up Day ?? February  Inquiry Kick Off 2021
3 Thursday 18th February 

Shared PD 3.45 to 5.00 

? Staff Meeting  15 Minute Slot
6 Thursday 11th March

Shared PD 3.45 to 5.00 

Student Agency 
? Staff Meeting  15 Minute Slot
9 Thursday 1st April

Shared PD 3.45 to 5.00 

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 

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