Our Schools

Carterton School

Carterton School is a state co-educational full primary school. The site of the school is near the centre of the town, adjacent to Carrington Park. We have very spacious, attractive grounds and buildings, including a swimming pool. There is a focus on culturally responsive teaching across our school. In 2015 we initiated Akonga Māori, a learning team of two classes with a focus on te reo, tikanga and te ao Māori. This year we have two classes, Year 1-3 and Year 3-6. Collaborative teaching and learning are a feature of our school. Students in Year 6-8 each have a digital device to support their learning. Students use the Carterton School inquiry model in their learning. We have a true open door policy – whanau are welcome at any time.

Dalefield School

Dalefield School is a full state primary school, of 50-60 students, serving the Dalefield, Carterton and Greytown districts since 1885. The rural nature of the school has long-been a source of pride for the community; and this is reflected not only in the tranquil setting close to the foothills of the Tararua ranges, but in the culture of the school also. Learning beyond the classroom is a feature of Dalefield and a curriculum that reflects the community’s aspirations is being developed.

Featherston School – Te Kura o Paetūmokai

Remutaka te maunga Tauherenikau te awa Takitimu me te Kurahaupo ngā waka Kahungunu me te Rangitane ngā hapu Paetūmokai te kura

We are a small school of 120 students settled beneath the Remutaka Ranges. Our students have a strong cultural and whānau identity, which allows them to make a valued contribution to our Featherston community. We encourage our students to have a strong sense of self and pursue excellence. They are respectful, responsible, show resilience, and can confidently challenge the world around them. They stand tall and have pride in all they achieve.

Whāia te mātauranga, hei oranga mō koutou. The mind is empowered by learning, never stop, as there is an endless amount of knowledge out there.

Gladstone School

Gladstone School is a Decile 9 rural school delivering education based on the National Curriculum to Year 0 – Year 8 students. The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework underpins teaching and learning within our future focussed classrooms. Gladstone School was opened in 1876 and roll growth has continued due to the merging of five other schools. Most of our students travel to school by bus. Our collaborative Senior Hub, Y5 to Y8, work with two teachers. Our collaborative Middle Hub, Y3 – Y4, also work with two teachers. The remaining two classrooms and two teachers work collaboratively for parts of their day, Y1 and Y1 & Y2. Gladstone School is situated 15 kilometres from Masterton and Carterton in a predominantly farming area. An enrolment zone is currently in place. There is a strong Maori Heritage within the district and our school appreciates our close relationship with Hurunui-o- Rangi Marae. The parents and community members support the school by being actively involved in a range of school activities.

Greytown School

Greytown School is a friendly and family focussed school in the heart of the sunny Wairarapa. Our children, staff, parents, whanau and our wider community work together to create strong learning partnerships. These partnerships enable our children to be inspired, supported, confident and challenged to reach their full potential in all aspects of learning and life. Our school values are based on encouraging and empowering our children to be SHARP (Safe, Honest, Achieve, Respect and Pride), so they can make informed choices and decisions for themselves and the world around them. Our curriculum and learning initiatives provide our children with a wealth of opportunities to grow in leadership, arts, sports, cultural, EOTC or within the different aspects of our Green Gold Enviroschool way of life. We strive to make our school an exciting and rewarding place to learn and be a part of.

Kahutara School

At Kahutara School we provide a dynamic education for all in a rural setting. We open the gates to the future – attaining high achievement for every child while maintaining our warm friendly environment. Kahutara School is located 13km south of Featherston. The catchment includes Pukeo/ Pahautea, Kahutara and Western Lake. A small group travel from Featherston, Martinborough and the areas in between. We have a roll of around 110 with senior students working in a collaborative hub using computers for the majority of their learning.

Kuranui College

Kuranui College is located in Greytown. We provide education for students in Years 9 to 13. As the only secondary school in the South Wairarapa, we cater for students from twelve contributing schools across a wide area. Approximately three-quarters of our students travel daily by bus. Over the past five years we have had major building redevelopments which have left us with new and modern learning campus. The next phase of this redevelopment is happening this year with our last Nelson Block transforming into a modern learning environment. We are an innovative school which caters for a diverse group of students. Our new Junior curriculum Ignite is innovative and is designed to cater for individual student’s needs and interests. Whilst looking after students’ academic progress is key we also pride ourselves on looking at the whole student and catering for both academic and pastoral needs. A school nurse, doctor and counsellor are on site and we also provide a free breakfast cafe each morning.

Martinborough School

Martinborough School is a full primary school, of about 266 students, It is located centrally within the wine growing area of the South Wairarapa. The positive school tone and culture make for a productive teaching and learning environment. Our focus is on the future with the way in which learning occurs and in the development of the skills our children will need to be successful in life. Our ability to access relevant exciting learning opportunities outside of the classroom is a feature of our region. Community involvement in the success of our children is a strength of the school. Staff and children alike are heavily involved in learning new skills making learning engaging, motivating and challenging.

Pirinoa School

Pirinoa School is a rural primary school situated in the settlement of Pirinoa, South Wairarapa. We celebrate all learners at Pirinoa School and invite everyone to join us on our Pirinoa Learning Pathway of ‘Vibrant and Successful Learning’. The majority of our students come from farming families in the area and a few are from fishing families. Learning experiences are enthusiastically supported by the school and district community. We have ICT savvy students, who work alongside an ICT specialist to create I-Movies that you can view on our website. An active fundraising group supports our students in their learning by fundraising for equipment, resources and excursions. Also, a valued group of volunteers have, for many years, provided assistance for our students in Literacy and Numeracy.

South End School

South End School is a vibrant primary school in the heart of Carterton – and the only school in the Wairarapa offering both Mainstream and Montessori education.

We pride ourselves in catering for all students’ needs. We promote student health and wellbeing and emphasise the importance of respecting themselves, others and the environment. We welcome and value our contact with the South Wairarapa Kāhui Ako so that we can strengthen all students learning journey.

Our beautiful and expansive grounds provide a wonderful space for children to grow and develop their imagination and individual skills.

South Featherston School

South Featherston School is a small and supportive learning community. Each of our classrooms cross a number of year groups, which means that our children socialise well with those other than their own. Our older children are encouraged to look after our younger ones, taking on roles of responsibilities and leadership, and providing excellent role models. Learning groups within individual curriculum subjects are tailored to ability rather than year group, allowing children to learn at their own pace and level. We ensure individualised learning pathways for all. Our children are proud of their achievements and recognise that although we may not number many, we all strive for excellence . . . We think that the comment made by one of our 6 year old girls recently says it all . . .

“We’re a SMALL school doing BIG things!”

St Mary’s School

St Mary’s School is an integrated full primary school with a maximum roll of 138 that has just celebrated its 100th jubilee. Our Catholic character is fully integrated within all aspects of the school curriculum and activities. The school is linked to the other Catholic schools within the Catholic Parish of the Wairarapa. St Mary’s School is committed to providing 21st century education to our students, with our commitment reflected in our resourcing and teaching programmes.

St Teresa’s School

St Teresa’s Catholic School is an integrated Roman Catholic School situated in Featherston, the gateway to the Wairarapa. Our vision is to develop confident life-long learners within the Catholic Faith. The school is a full primary for girls and boys Years 0-8. The school was established in 1955 and has grown to about 100 pupils. The school is well supported by the parish and community and is well resourced. We encourage students to be On-TRACK, Think, Responsible, Achieve, Courageous and Kind in all that they do socially, academically, on the sports field, through the arts and within the environment. We believe every child develops at a different rate and have flexible learning using our integrated digital learning to support this. We value the cultural diversity of our school.

Tuturumuri School

Tuturumuri School is a rurally located school, approximately 35 Kilometres from Martinborough. The essence of the school is a tight community, and the family feel able to be created through the relatively small numbers who attend. Personalised learning is a large driver of what happens at Tuturumuri, real learning in a country setting makes our school an ideal setting for students to reach their potential.