Student Inquiry

There are two areas of Inquiry so far, Perception in the Community and Boring Lunchtimes.

The Inquiry

  1. Some key questions that might help you start your inquiry:
    • What is one of the issues in our community and what can we do about it?
    • How does it impact me and/or the community?
    • Who does it involve? What does it look like? Where is it? What causes it?
    • Why does it happen? How does it happen? What is being/or has already been done?
    • What could I do? How can I link this to a digital outcome.

Group 1 – Perception in the Community

  • Teacher Survey – Oli, Amon, Georgia
  • Student Survey –
  • Student Survey (those who are are not students here) – Taizak, Josh

Group 2 – Boring Lunchtimes – Mystery Movie

  • Georgia, Ruby, Kara, Josh, Hamish, Evlyn
  • Run a trial of a Movie Friday. Need to book a time with SF to present ideas about how a P5 reward system will work. 
  • Rubbish will need to be collected by members of Inquiry Group.
  • Kara and Ruby on posters
  • Josh talk to Mr Fuller

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